50 Leadership Traits Needed in Supplement Direct Marketing

50 Leadership Traits Needed in Supplement Direct Marketing

50 Leadership Traits Needed in Supplement Direct Marketing

Vitamins and supplements are a billion-dollar industry in the United States. In fact, a report from Packaged Facts projects industry sales to be at a booming $15 billion by 2017. Popular supplements such as Organic Hemp Oil, Probiotics and Brain Health Nootropics increased in sales in the last year. The dietary supplement market is a great place to create a product that can actually make a difference. If an owner follows buying trends and decides to create a brand that consumers can trust, success will be delivered. Starting a supplement company is a smart investment for like-minded individuals who enjoy a good business challenge with a possible enormous pay-off. There is without question that the industry in on a financial rocket ship. The best question to ask yourself is do you have the traits needed in supplement direct marketing.

Working in supplement direct marketing can be extremely difficult if you are not prepared to network, follow industry trends, listen to your manufacturer and trust your staff. Supplement direct marketing is a niche industry that when a strategy is properly utilized and the relationship with their fulfillment company is good can lead to a long, successful journey.

Below we have provided the top 50 leadership traits needed in supplement direct marketing. The industry demands business owners and entrepreneurs that have a good sense of people, business trends and operations. We have written the following article in order to appeal to everyone’s inner leader.


  1. You Understand People and What They Want

You have always been someone that people go to for information. You have always been a good judge of character, which is why you have been successful.  Knowing how to read people and understand what they want is going to be a key tool in starting a supplement and vitamin company. Albert Einstein once said Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.”

  1. People Look Up to You

You have always been a natural born leader with knowledgeable information to lend to other. People always follow a leadership figure that has valuable advice and experience in the business. Supplement direct marketing is no easy venture and you will need to have people in your corner to trust your guidance.


  1. You Consider Yourself to Be Health Conscious

You have always been someone that can appreciate the long-term benefits of eating healthy and staying in good physical condition. You know how exercise and constant activity can improve your sleep, give you more energy at work and help your overall wellbeing.


  1. You are Great at Delegating

Great leaders have a great staff to fall back on for advice. It is important to not spread yourself too thin and make sure your business is operating at an efficient level without you taking on too many roles. Delegate duties to other employees at your company based on their experience and background. In Supplement direct marketing, if you know how to market your product but do not have the fulfillment resources for pick & pack you should hire a fulfillment service that specializes in that trade.


50 Leadership Traits Needed in Supplement Direct Marketing

50 Leadership Traits Needed in Supplement Direct Marketing

  1. You have Great Communication Skills

Communication skills are important when starting a supplement company. Make sure your marketing team is on the same page as your operations team. You know that great communication will improve the flow of your business structure. Communication is a key component while operating in a leadership role. Seth Godin wrote a great blog article entitled Offense and defense, a b2b insight and it discusses the difference between the way people communicate with one another when purchasing materials for their work environment.


  1. The Industry is Compelling

The supplement and vitamin industry is compelling. There are always new advancements in products and supplement applications. In supplement direct marketing, it is your job to promote new, interesting products to your customers in an original, interesting way.  You can appreciate an industry that is constantly changing with the times and has a large market for success.


  1. You are Passionate

You give your heart and soul into everything you do. You do not settle for second best and always need to be at the top of the mountain looking down. Having a deep appreciation for the supplement direct marketing business and will improve your work efforts when launching a new brand.


  1. You are Committed to a Team

You are a team player through and through. You understand the importance of team building skills and making sure your team operates like a well-oiled machine.  A team is only as strong as their weakness member and it is important to offer encouragement and motivation to those who may need it more than others. Starting a supplement company requires the same amount of team commitment as any other venture. In supplement direct marketing, you will be depending on your team of digital contractors and assistants to help hit sales goals and always growing.


  1. You have a positive attitude

You always know when to rise above the negativity and find a way to stay positive.  A negative attitude never helps projects get done faster and does not have a positive influence on your team.


  1. You are creative in your own way

The skills you bring to the table are singular to your personality. You may not be a full-time creative but you bring an imaginative spice to each concept.  You know that taking the time to brainstorm ideas with a group of people leads to the best ideas.


  1. You Know How to Follow Industry Trends

You understand how important it is to keep your ear to the ground and constantly follow trends in business. Whether it is consumer –based data, trending social media topics or general news you are always in tune. Liz Strauss talks about how important it is to get the word out by following industry trends in her article 7 Steps to Being Recognized as an Expert. She states experts must find out what researchers are thinking and find what is most appealing. In supplement direct marketing, it is all about finding a product trend and capitalizing on it.


  1. You have the Ability to Inspire

People listen to you when you talk and discuss business. You find that you can captivate an entire room with your thoughts and plans. You know that after a motivational talk with employees they will start working harder and be more eager and goal-oriented. Tanveer Naseer talks about how important it motivate your employees in his blog article Are You Inspiring Those You Lead To Be Extraordinary?.  Nasseer states that “people don’t get excited about being efficient; they get excited about doing work that matters.” This statement could not be truer. It takes a leader with the ability to inspire the ones around him/her to help their coworkers find meaning in their duties.

  1. The Supplement Industry is a Respected Industry

Selling vitamins and supplements is a tremendous trade. Selling a product that can truly help someone’s lifestyle better is extremely fulfilling and noble.  A hand full of doctors even recommends supplements and vitamins to patients to help with different diseases and illnesses.

  1. You Always Hold Yourself Accountable

You know how to take the blame for others in order to build and develop a stronger team. It doesn’t matter who made the mistake. What really matters is how you are going to fix it moving forward.

  1. You are Empathetic

You understand when people are having a hard time and always look for solutions for a comfortable work environment. You know that if you put yourself in someone else’s shoes you have a better idea of what they may be going through.

  1. You Have Great Focus

You know how to silence everything else around you and focus on the task at hand. You know that it takes focus to mean deadlines and creating a product that will be valued.

  1. You are committed to excellence

You do not settle for average work. You expect exceptional work from your employees as well from yourself. You know that create a great brand development strategy will help increase the awareness of your product.

  1. You wish to make a difference

People who want to change the world will find a way to make a difference. Steve Jobs once said, “The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

  1. You Work Well Under Pressure

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. When you know you are under an enormous amount of pressure you always make sure to bring you’re A-game. The way people work under pressure can say a lot about a person. You want to show everyone that not only can you handle the pressure, but you thrive on it. That is the mark of a great leader. Ernest Hemingway once said, “Courage is grace under pressure.”

  1. You Know How to Push Through Failure

Failure is a part of life. It took Thomas Edison over 10,000 failures before he created the modern day light bulb. Even Bill Gates says, “It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.” In supplement direct marketing there will be supplements that you sell and do not perform at the rate you through them would. Stay steadfast and know when to pull out or press forward.

50 Leadership Traits Needed in Supplement Direct Marketing

50 Leadership Traits Needed in Supplement Direct Marketing

  1. You Understand Branding

John Bell of CEOAfterLife.com wrote an article called The Decay of Brand Differentiation and it discusses how brands that walk the same line year after year with the same branding strategy become stagnate. As a leader, you know the importance of branding and how a good brand can create a fan base that promotes the product for you. The best branding is done through innovative advances that thrill the customer. Supplement direct marketing is all based on proper branding. Hire a graphic designer that can properly turn your brand into the image you need it to be.

  1. You are Confident

All good leaders must be confident, otherwise, how with others follow them. The American author and leadership speaker John C. Maxwell once said: “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”

50 Leadership Traits Needed in Supplement Direct Marketing

50 Leadership Traits Needed in Supplement Direct Marketing

  1. You Have a Sense of Humor

Humor is important. It allows an individual to roll with the punches and side the sunnier side of life. Laugher is sometimes the best medicine.

  1. You Do What You Set Your Mind To Do

You have always been a driven individual. You rarely open a book and never finish it. You are good at keeping work commitments and hitting deadlines. Jesse Lyn Stone writes to make a great point in her article Focus on your vision AND your current reality that it is one thing to be a dreamer and have a big vision of success, and another to realistically accomplish your goals by addressing issues that have been preventing your team from moving forward.

  1. You Leverage Everything

You use all of your ability to be successful and you all of your resources doing it. You are well aware of the importance of networking and using those contacts to good use.

  1. You Give More Than You Take

Being a good leader means leading by example. Giving to the community through acts of charity shows a lot of about a person.  Use your resources in a positive way to be a real example to peers and employees.


  1. You Speak to Your Audience

You know how to reach out to your demographic and send a message that resonates. Anthony Iannarino of The Sale Blog states in his article The Leadership Playbook: On the Need to be Liked that “the best leaders will weigh their decisions carefully and do what is best for the people they lead.”  Saying the right things to your employees can go a long way. In supplement direct marketing, you have to know how to speak to your audience otherwise your products will not sell and your business will be a bust.

50 Leadership Traits Needed in Supplement Direct Marketing

50 Leadership Traits Needed in Supplement Direct Marketing

  1. You Know When to Give Up

Knowing when to fold is ultimately a good thing.  This can apply to a specific project or even an employee that is no longer a team player. James Joyce once said that “mistakes are the portals of discovery.” Sometimes accepting that a project has not worked can help energize new life in the next project.

  1. You Enjoy Networking

Networking is key in business. Without creating a network of contacts and sources that will help you accomplish your goals there is a good chance your business efforts with fall flat. Networking in business is an essential part of the overall process.

  1. You Use Logic and Reasoning to Answer Questions

Using basic logic and reasoning as an important part of holding your ground on a point. Sometimes what’s best for business is not always what is best. Use your good judgment.

  1. You Enjoy Breaking Down Barriers

You rise to the occasion when presented with challenges. There are no walls that can block you from reaching your dream. Starting a supplement company is hard work, but you know with a good team and the right resources anything can be accomplished.

50 Leadership Traits Needed in Supplement Direct Marketing

50 Leadership Traits Needed in Supplement Direct Marketing

  1. You Focus on Solutions, Not Problems

Every second wasted on the problem is one second wasted on finding a solution. Don’t try to solve how the problem occurred or find someone to blame. Fix the problem and move on.

  1. You Enjoy to Learn

The second you stop learning is the second you stay stagnate. Always expand your knowledge of a subject. The supplement industry is always emerging with the latest and greatest new formula. Learning which supplements the market is leaning towards will keep you ahead of your competition. In the words of Leonardo de Vinci, “learning never exhausts the mind.” So there is never a reason to stop. The Practice of Leadership Blog has an article entitled 7 Ways to Keep the Business Competitive that discusses how keeping not only yourself but your staff educated in various aspects of an industry can make them all more of an asset to the company in the long run.

  1. You Listen to Everything and Everyone Around You

You are a glutton for feedback. It doesn’t matter whether it is negative or positive. At least with the feedback, you can have a second opinion on a topic that you may be taking in other the right or wrong direction. Listening to others can help you organize your own thoughts better as well. In supplement direct marketing it is critical that you listen to your customers on what they think of your product. Their feedback can other make or break your supplement brand.

  1. You Are Not Afraid to Tell It Like It Is

Business is not always nice. Sometimes honesty is not in favor for others. At the end of the day, all that makes is that the direction of the company is moving in the proper direction. Be honest, not deliberately off-putting.

  1. You Do Not Let Fear or Habit Affect Your Judgment

Fear is a powerful thing. A lot of businesses do not make that extra leap of faith towards success because they are comfortable. Habit can be just as bad. If you have been doing something the same way for years and puts a stigma on that action. Michael Hyatt discusses in his article How to Lead Even When You’re Scared that great leaders learn to embrace their fear and change it in a positive direction.  Do not let fear and habit prevent you from making big moves with your business. “The most dangerous phrase in the language is, we’ve always done it this way.” – Admiral Grace Hopper

  1. You Surround Yourself with Intelligent People

Most people are a product of their surroundings. You know that surrounding yourself with smart individuals will not only help your business grow but allow you more trust with your employees. You know as a leader that any new positive traits that you can learn from others will help you as an employer.

50 Leadership Traits Needed in Supplement Direct Marketing

50 Leadership Traits Needed in Supplement Direct Marketing

  1. You Have Good Business Sense

You have always had the ability to know a good investment when you see one. With the right team and marketing starting a supplement business can be a great investment. Identify your demographic and make strategic moves to advance your brand.

  1. You Question Everything

You are not afraid to fight for what you believe in and you never accept things for what they are at face value. You know that very rarely that a deal is too-good-to-be-true. You question everything that might raise an eyebrow.

  1. You Are a Good Judge of Character

You can tell who is going to be a valuable addition to your team. You know how it is important to hire the best people and follow their lead from time to time. Being a good judge of character is trusting the individuals you surround yourself with will always do what is in the best interest for business. Being in supplement direct marketing you must be a good judge of character based on the products you are selling and the people you are selling them to. Otherwise, your brand will be a flop.

  1. You Know How to Motivate People

People can be motivated in many ways. Some people are motivated to buy a product based on user reviews. Some are motivated by price. You know in supplement direct marketing there is a way to capture your audience and keep them a customer.

50 Leadership Traits Needed in Supplement Direct Marketing

50 Leadership Traits Needed in Supplement Direct Marketing

  1. You Know How to Set Goals

You know that setting realistic goals and deadlines is the only way a team can move forward to accomplish a difficult task. By setting real goals employees with have something to work towards and manage their time around.

  1. You Do Not Manipulate, You Empower

Sometimes you have to be the boss and be stern with your employees in some cases. In cases like these, it is important to empower them and let them know the value of the task you have assigned to them.

  1. You Know How To Work Harder Than Your Competitors

Staying ahead of your competitors with innovative marketing strategies or producing a better product are some of the ways businesses triumph over other similar businesses in their field.

50 Leadership Traits Needed in Supplement Direct Marketing

50 Leadership Traits Needed in Supplement Direct Marketing

  1. You Know Appearance Is An Important Factor In Business

Let’s be honest. People judge a book by its cover. It isn’t until you read the book that you truly know what the book is all about. If you present yourself as a leader, people will immediately respect you because of your attitude and appearance.

  1. You Know When People Are Taking Advantage Of You

You know how to run an effective workplace and can tell when people are not working as efficiently as they should be. When employees are not using their time wisely you know how to enforce your will and put their position in perspective for them.

50 Leadership Traits Needed in Supplement Direct Marketing

50 Leadership Traits Needed in Supplement Direct Marketing

  1. You Play By Your Know Rules To Succeed

If you weren’t an out-of-the-box thinker you would have not had as much success in your life. Sometimes to play by the rules you must get creative with the rules. There is no reason to constantly be reproducing the status quo, especially in supplement direct marketing. Be different, think different.

  1. You Acknowledge the value of your team

A team is nothing without its captain and a captain is nothing without his/her team. Acknowledging members of your team with verbal appreciation or with rewards is a proven method to gain trust in employees.  S. Chris Edmonds discusses acknowledgment in the workplace in an article he wrote for GreatLeadershipByDan.com called Five Degrees of Workplace Culture. The article discusses the key strategies and tips managers can give to their employees to improve their work ethic.

  1. You Enjoy New Ventures

Everyone loves a fresh start. Beginning a new project with full force is always an exciting part of starting a new business. Even if you are not very knowledgeable about the supplement you are smart enough to surround yourself with people who do. Edmund Lee once said, “Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers, and thinkers, but most of all, surround yourself with those who see greatness within you, even when you don’t see it in yourself.”

50 Leadership Traits Needed in Supplement Direct Marketing

50 Leadership Traits Needed in Supplement Direct Marketing

  1. You Thrive on Success

You are highly motivated by the chance of success. You work hard knowing that you have invested in a project that has a large possibly at success. Spending time cultivating and working towards a finished product what drives you and excites you. Getting started in supplement direct marketing can be extremely rewarding if the manufacturing, branding and product orders all fall into place properly.

If at any point you need some guidance from one of our Account Executives here at Ion Fulfillment please fill out the contact form on our website.




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